You are your child’s best teacher!

We believe in developing partnerships with parents in order to enhance the learning and development of the children in our setting. We encourage parents to have curiosity and interest in their child’s progress and to share a joint interest and responsibility for their learning and development.

 We build these relationships and engage with you as parents through the following means:

  • Valuing your contributions on Tapestry to communicate about each child’s achievements and experiences.
  • Frequent developmental updates on Tapestry and termly formal attainment and progress meetings, advising next steps.
  • Events in school for you to attend and encouraging your participation in national education events.
  • Sharing the songs, letters and sounds, stories and themes we are teaching in the Early Years each week.
  • Sending a decodable reading book home from the early days in Reception.
  • Inviting you to learn alongside the children at our phonics workshops.
  • Communicating with you through a weekly newsletter.
  • Providing regular advice, research and resources about how best to support your child’s development.
  • Offering translation where we can to make conversations easier and accessible.
  • Providing a gifted book for each child at Christmas to enjoy with their family.
  • Gathering key information from you as your child’s first educator so that we understand their developmental journey, your family and community.

Please find some useful links below to tools which can help you support your child in their learning. 

Road to School Map

START parents leaflet 

Hungry Little Minds

Importance of Scissor Skills 

Nursery Rhyme Week  

Benefits of Playing with Playdough 

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